The MiniReg is a discrete pin-compatible drop-in substitute for the common 78xx and 79xx chip regulators for use in circuits up to 40 mA current draw. It uses two 300MHz transistors in a low noise high gain bootstrap regulator design using NPN transistors for the positive version and PNP transistor complements for the equivalent negative regulator.

The design ensures similar high performance of typically 85 - 90 dB line regulation for both positive and negative regulators, unlike conventional chip regulators. Also the noise is typically < 1uV in an A wtd 20 KHz bandwidth ensuring clean, low noise supplies for circuits such as phono preamps, DAC chips and analog stages and line stage preamps.

The kit is supplied with a number of resistor options and features trimpot adjustable or fixed regulated supply voltage within the set range.


5V to 45V
Output Voltage
1.2V to 40V
Line Regulation
> 80 dB at 20mA and 15V out typ. 90 dB @ 5V out
Output Impedance
< 50mOhm
Maximum current
40 mA
Dropout voltage
4V minimum Vin - Vout
Power limit   
(Vin -Vout) Iout < 330mW.