The DualReg is a +/-12 to +/-16V discrete low noise regulated power supply of up to 350mA. It is intended for use in those applications requiring high ripple rejection and low output impedance and noise for the whole audio spectrum. The unit is capable of 90dB ripple rejection and < 5uV noise with an output impedance of typically 5mOhms.

The DualReg is built on a compact fully ground planed PCB of only 50mm x 75mm (2" x 3") and includes a 2A bridge, +/-4400uF (to 25V) of supply capacitance and 500mA line fuses before the discrete complementary regulators. The regulator topology uses a darlington pass transistor and a 300MHz gain transistor with a bootstrapped load. The reference voltage is a red LED+Vbe of the gain transistor.

Heatsinks are provided for currents > 100mA and the unit has an output screw terminal block for
V+, G, V- regulated outputs, with fine adjustment trimpots to set the exact regulated voltage


AC CT supplies of 30V  CT + up to 15% regulation.
+/-12V to +/-16V with adequate (+ 6V) input voltage.
line regulation > 80 dB from 100 -10KHz at 100mA.
Typically 92dB at 1KHz at 23V DCin, 0.1A and 14V DC out.
Output Z
less than 6mOhms from 100 -10KHz.
less than 5 uV in a 500 - 20KHz bandwidth.
50mmW x 75mmD x 30mmH.