The PowerReg is a dual power regulator using the SKA topology to achieve a very high quality regulated +/- DC supply for power amplifiers such as the GB150D or GB300D. The performance is, unlike most integrated op-amp based power regulators, capable of maintaining the peak performance right out to 20KHz. It uses a pair of 150W MOSFET
pass devices on each supply that require adequate heatsinking.

It is capable of powering one or two (8 ohm drive) GB150Ds or one GB300D


 Input Voltage
40V - 63V (higher with HV caps)
 Output Voltage
33V - 58V (adjustment range)
Input Output Diff
7V - 15V (heatsink dependant)
 Line regulation
> 80 dB  50Hz - 20KHz. typ 85 dB
to 10A peak
< 10uV ( 20 - 20 KHz Awtd)
 Output Z
< 0.005 ohms 50Hz - 20KHz
5A slow blow input line fuses. MOSFET gate drive zeners.