The GB50S was designed as a continuous duty low impedance power supply unit to support one GB150D power amplifier for operation up to 50W Class A, the capacitance of +/-28,200uF 35V in paralleled smaller 4,700uF types giving lower ESR and ESL over larger single capacitors. It features a 6A 1000V discrete bridge rectifier, film bypass capacitors, bleed down resistors, and LED support. The PCB features a low noise charging spike isolated ground plane for star ground. A 5 way 2mm terminal block is provided for V+,V- and 3 star ground points.

The module is also ideally suited for use with single channel amplifiers up to 120W into 4 ohms provided the +/-35V is not exceeded or stereo amplifiers up to 60W /channel into 8 ohms.


up to +/-35V max
150mVrms at 1.75A
6Amp rms, 200A surge
+/- 28,200uF @ 35V s
2mA at 30V on each
103mm x 53mm x 50mm

The PCB accepts capacitors of 18mm can diameter, so can be used with same size alternatives if purchased bare. The terminal block accepts wires of up to 2mm diameter.