The GB300S is a compact power supply module for use with 2 x GB150D power amplifiers as a shared supply, or a single GB300D up to 200Wrms at 8 ohms or 300Wrms with 4 ohms. It features 47,000uF of supply capacitance compising 5 paralleled 4,700uF 63V electrolytic capacitors on each +/- supply for lower paralleled ESR and ESL over larger single alternatives. A 10A 400V bridge rectifier is onboard as well as bleed down resistors, film bypass capacitors and LED support. A 5 way terminal block is provided for the Vs+,Vs- and 3 connections to star ground. The PCB is double sided and through hole plated, with clearly marked component placement guide and connection labelling, and is designed to isolate input side charging spike offset currents from sensitive star ground output points. Isolated 3mm mounting holes are provided.

Modules may be operated as satellite RC filtered local supplies by replacing the bridge with suitable resistors, to operate independantly from a main supply, providing lowered supply ripple and harmonics and isolation from supply-borne crosstalk.

A +/-80V version of this power supply will be available soon, suitable for use up to 300W into 8 ohms.


up to +/-63V max
150mVrms at 1A / 100Hz
10Amp rms, 200A surge
+/- 23,500uF @ 63V s
2mA at 55V on each
103mm x 80mm x 55mm
The 10 main filter capacitors are 25mm diameter allowing the PCB to be used with alternatives of the same footprint, if purchased bare and will accept the latest 10mm pin spaced snap fit types. The 5 way terminal block (not shown) will receive wires up to 2mm diameter.