GB150D Stereo SKA kit
(Available in 240v or 115v)

This is a complete kit for building a Stereo GB150D Power Amplifier, including the case (for specs on the components click amp, psu or softstart).

The base and lid are near identical - flat 1mm Zn anneal, with a 10mm right angle return front and rear, finished in black satin powdercoat. They have two rows of CNC punched rectangular vents above and below the amp module locations. The rear panel is all cut out for a IEC/fuse/power switch (a front power switch can be easily added), 19mm spaced (standard) dual gold plated binding posts and gold plated insulated RCA inputs. The front panel is flame polished 6mm black mirror acrylic with a blue LED and SKA logo, which can be mounted anywhere on the front panel. There are mounting holes in the base to take one GB150S2 PSU, one 240Vac 300VA transformer and four 'snap in' 10mm high plastic feet. Overall box dimensions are 426mm (across front) x 80mm high (front height) x 206mm deep plus 25mm for the protruding binding posts at the rear. Compact but spacious.

The Kit includes:
1x SoftStart kit
2x GB150D kits
1x GB150S2 Kit
1x Transformer (240V 300VA)
2x Binding post sets (2x red and black pairs)
2x Phono (left and right)
2x Conrad MF20 heatsinks (drilling and tapping of heatsinks is included)
1x Panels (Top, Bottom, back and front panels)
1x Bag of hardware (screws, pillars, etc)
1x Feet set (4 rubber feet)

Price including delivery is AU$ 880