The Active 2 way is a single channel active high pass / low pass 24 dB/octave line level crossover using low noise discrete compound emitter follower gain blocks. They can be NPN/PNP BJT (standard) or N-FET/BJT or mixed stages according to personal preference.The design features a discrete input buffer then 2 cascaded discrete 12 dB/octave stages for each of the High pass and Low Pass outputs.

Each output has an onboard gain control to allow optimization of levels to suit differing speaker driver efficiency and a low impedance output. The unit is ideally powered from a regulated +/-15V power supply such as the DualReg and draws 40mA.(one channel).

The unit uses 10 x 33nF capacitors for a 335 Hz crossover frequency scalable for other frequencies and optimised for a Linkwitz-Riley filter response ( although most others are possible), preferred for it’s linear in-phase response through the crossover region.


24dB/octave HP and LP; 6dB at crossover (L-W)

 LF cutoff

150Hz for HP output, 15 Hz for LP output

< 0.002% mostly 2HD
nominal 1Vrms into 10K ohms
> 5 MHz.(all stages)
Gain Trim
0dB to – 60dB; -6dB set.
DC out
0 mV (AC coupled)
+/-12V to +/-18V regulated
Current Draw
40-45 mA per channel board
76mmL x 51mmW x 16mmH
Low Filter
below band scalable see LF cutoff.